Innovative tracking capabilities for your assets.

KOAM applies BlueCats exclusive Loop technology to all supply chain journeys. The advanced technology filters location events against custom rules and is data specific to each item. It identifies relevant location events related to your business, delivering comprehensive real time updates and results. This, coupled with the best-in-market tracking technologies we implement from our various partners ensure that our customer has all the information they need, at all times. Regardless of the product or service you are investing in with KOAM, we are pleased to be able to offer innovative tracking capabilities on everything, ensuring you have in-depth and easily accessible tracking information for your assets.

Unrivaled technologies

A system that ingests data from multiple technology sources to ensure the most precise and comprehensive tracking available. A combination of BLE, Ultra WideBand & GPS technologies produce a next-level Real Time Location System (RTLS) that allows clients to maintain full ownership and control of your RTLS data.


The most advanced location engine available.

The location engine we use has been refined over the last decade, processing hundreds of millions of location requests. We standardize location events, regardless of the input, making the RTLS more usable than ever.


Thorough Setup.

KOAM initiates each supply chain project with tracking technology, user profiles and all relative API integration to ensure that each client has access to their assets at any point throughout the journey.


Liveview Options.

KOAM provides clients comprehensive access rights, allowing them to have a live display of assets, the ability to search and find assets in real time, along with event notifications throughout the supply chain journey and an offline mode. You can rest assured your product or service is progressing efficiently and you have access to our tracking technology to keep you in the loop.


Robust Reporting.

The innovative tracking solution KOAM implements not only provides clients with access to their assets via real time tracking but also provides the opportunity for extensive reporting. A dashboard can be set up for clients allowing them to see key metrics, along with various export options and API integrations. The possibilities are endless for our clients and we are proud to stand out from the crowd and provide an unprecedented level of service.


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