Inventory Management

The inventory process at KOAM’s warehouse follows a thorough and efficient regimine. We store all packaging in the central warehouse and regularly run inventory updates and reports. When a customer needs items, KOAM logs the request and transports it straight to your desired location.

Customers have online access to the packaging inventory, allowing them to see what is available and what they can use. Our returnable container management system ensures you have the resources you need - when and where you need them.

Asset Loss Tracking - By providing customer access to our online inventory and tracking system, you have the ability to see where your products currently are. This reduces the likelihood of any potential asset losses, saving you time, effort and unwanted expenses.

Centralized Storage for Distribution - Offers convenient access to packaging materials and reduces time lost transporting between locations.

Environmental Impact Reduction - Inventory management systems in place allow KOAM to constantly review and report on products, increasing efficiencies where possible and recycling materials when appropriate.

Optimization of Real Estate - by minimizing occupancy costs and increasing ROI, we can effectively manage reusable, returnable packaging at minimum costs to supplier, carrier, and customer.