Returnable Packaging Solutions

Returnable packaging and reusable packaging is the most efficient distribution, handling and storage of products. It’s a cost-effective option as the client can reuse the packaging repeatedly to safely transport products throughout the supply chain.

KOAM’s returnable packaging division is continuously evolving and striving to keep processes more efficient than ever. Today’s business and manufacturing environment has high demand. KOAM focuses on meeting these demands and providing packaging solutions of the highest caliber, that can be used repeatedly with minimal wear and tear.

KOAM produces a wide variety of returnable packaging products and services ranging from racks and carts, to bag and pouch systems. Our products are all custom-designed and made, meeting any special requirements you may have.


Steel Racks and Carts

We have a long history designing and building rack and cart systems from the ground up, using appropriate dunnage and materials to best support our customers needs and budget.

Dividers, Partitions, and Foam

KOAM utilizes corrugated plastics and foam in both existing containers or new containers to best suit the needs of the product.

Boxes and Totes

All of our boxes, totes and trays can be custom designed from corrugated plastic to deliver optimal quality and to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Bag and Pouch System

Strong, durable and collapsible, our vinyl fabric bag and pouch dunnage systems increase protection and are extremely reliable, while also saving space when not in use.



Our prototype process keeps you involved and satisfied every step along the way, leaving you with a product you are truly happy with.

Returnable Container Management System

KOAM is your partner throughout the entire life cycle. From a new build to scrapping, we take care of the whole process.

Design and Development

Our capabilities and skill set can satisfy any customer with any design. We can tailor designs and drawings to suit your needs to ensure a seamless experience.

Project Management

KOAM have dedicated project managers to oversee your entire project. We ensure they plan, budget and document all aspects relating specifically to your project’s requirements.

Get in Touch

We would love to discuss your needs and show you how KOAM can help your company.