Unrivaled Tracking Capabilities and Waste Reduction Processes

KOAM proudly utilizes BlueCats technology to provide you with the most advanced tracking for your returnable packaging assets. Because of the significant accuracy and range provided by the RFID technology, BlueCats allows you to track your assets automatically. Data that is specific to each item is delivered to you in real time, along with comprehensive updates.

At KOAM, we consistently strive to provide customized solutions to help make the process quick and efficient for our customers. Regardless of the product or service you are investing in with KOAM, we are pleased to be able to offer innovative tracking capabilities to ensure you have easily accessible information for your assets.

Innovative Hardware

When we ship your assets and use BlueCats' Tracking Technology, every item receives an industrial-grade Bluetooth Asset Tag. Each tag is powered by a Nordic SoC and provides real-time location tracking and data regarding conditioning visibility in harsh environments via a temperature sensor and accelerometer. This technology works extensively to provide you with as much information regarding your assets as possible.


Loop Cloud

BlueCats’ proprietary Cloud Platform records information and generates reports depending on the need. Loop Clouds work by extending visibility to any tagged asset. Loop Cloud provides a truly extensible solution for supply chain tracking.

Loop Cloud features a customizable interface through which users may focus on the metrics that matter most to your process - be they assets tagged in a fleet, number of assets arriving per day, departures, etc. Also, users may apply various filters in Loop Cloud’s Map View to only display assets with specific characteristics, making asset visualization intuitive.


Loop Mobile

Loop Mobile is an application customers can use to locate assets. This program works by connecting to an asset’s tag to provide tracking information. Once the tag and asset are linked and associated with one another, the information is forwarded to the Loop Cloud for easy access. Loop Mobile is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be used to assign tags to assets, remove tags from assets, or look up the location of existing assets.


Robust Reporting

The innovative tracking solution KOAM implements not only provides clients with access to their assets via real time tracking but also provides the opportunity for extensive reporting. A dashboard can be set up for clients allowing them to see key metrics, along with various export options and API integrations. The possibilities are endless for our clients and we are proud to stand out from the crowd and provide an unprecedented level of service.


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